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Purple Queen Day 9 - Michelle Nagri

Purple Queen Day 9 - Michelle Nagri

Digital Photography, digital collage, museum grade paper, conservation mat board

18x12 print on 18x24 mat, framed


"Art is my voice, a way to share the beautiful little details I notice hiding in plain sight. I communicate through mixed media using photography, paint, and collage. My art is about expressing feelings, telling stories, and sharing beauty. Words and feelings are my wellsprings of inspiration. I use color, photographic imagery, symbolism, and texture to weave the story together. I am moved by the breath of ocean waves, the impermanence of flowers, the grand cosmos, grounded mountains, comforting trees, lucid dreams, music that stirs the soul, and stories of triumph and wisdom.

In April 2021 I decided to do a 28 day photo series I called 28 Days in Bloom. In this series I took macro photos of flowers in my front yard, created a unique texture overlay everyday, and combined the two with digital embellishments in order to accentuate the individual beauty of each flower. The series was a way for me to get out of a creative rut after a difficult year without having to travel any farther than my front yard. I've selected two works from this series to show in this exhibit."

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