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(Seemingly) Forever - Sofia Gurruchaga

(Seemingly) Forever - Sofia Gurruchaga

35mm Black and White film





Artist statement:

Anguish and (Seemingly) Forever show unspoken emotions that are most often unexplainable. These can include ones felt by loss, frustration anger, etc. All images were captured on 35mm Black and White film that expired in 2003. Additionally, all images were captured by, developed in-house, edited, and scanned by the photographer(Sofia Gurruchaga). The photographer wanted to take such a meticulous role in the creation of these photographs to become aligned with what they are creating, and further infuse this project with unkept, powerful emotions of their own. Even though the film used expired almost two decades ago, the amount of detail and depth that was able to be acquired are further able to display the vast amounts of emotions that were captured. Thus, the raw unuttered emotion in these photographs essentially "have a voice", with the goal in mind for the viewer to relate with any silenced intensity they may experience.

Models: Roan Borghi - Anguish; Leah Martin - (Seemingly) Forever

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