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Fern- Sue Kelman

Fern- Sue Kelman

22" x 18"


John Updike said his writings' intention was to give "the mundane it's beautiful due" and I instinctively understand that desire. The mundane will stun you to tears with its beauty if you let it. I understand that it is why I started to paint - to render my appreciation of how beautiful the simplest things around us can be. The submissions here are simple, and some a few years old, but the impetus behind all of them was to "attend to wonder": the sun's glare after an afternoon at the beach, the soft leaning of a fence in shifting sands in the tides aftermath, the earthy rainbow in the fields after a planned burn.

I paint in watermedia. My work tends toward a representational abstract style, but I also paint traditional landscapes and pure abstract compositions as well.

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