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Taking a Moment - Suzanne Stone
  • Taking a Moment - Suzanne Stone

    Wood, metal, glass, fishing line, plastic, windmill, chair

    5' x 3' x 3'


    My mom used to collect scrap metal as a child during World War II as a way to contribute to the efforts of the government, so she came from an era when no one threw anything away - recycling was critical. She even used to collect string and rubber bands as an adult, I think those tendencies were leftover from her childhood. I’ve always picked things up, and in order to treasure them, I put the items together in a group. Really, I put them together for myself to bring joy. When I find the pieces of metal in the road, I pull over, and I know that it was meant to be. I also really like how the metal balances when it hangs from the air, and that combined with the clinking noises brings me a sense of peace. Just looking at these little things picked up along the way from my chair in the yard reminds me of all the memories from my life, like a photo album. (statement for both submitted pieces)


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