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The contentment that comes at the end of a long journey - Michael A. Gagliardi

The contentment that comes at the end of a long journey - Michael A. Gagliardi

Steel, stone, cast epoxy and steel figure

59"x 39" x12"


"Illustrations for stories not yet told…

All Art is storytelling. All art, whether it is dance, theatre, film, music or visual art is about an artist trying to tell a story. A painting or sculpture no matter what style, media or subject is a visual snapshot of a moment in the timeline of that story.

Michael Angelo uses his experiences in live theatre and visual arts to create an aesthetic concept where the viewer is invited to participate in the artistic process.

In all these paintings and sculpture, Michael Angelo has created a character, environment and symbolic subliminal imagery. In addition, the artwork is titled with a caption to the story it is representing. This is his moments frozen in time, vignettes, Rorschach blots, in which the artist gives no further explanation than what is visually presented.

The viewer is asked to look at this imagery and ask one’s self what is its story. The viewer is not a passive by-product outside of the artistic process, but rather an active element that gives meaning to the work. In the end, all art is a story and each artist a story teller.

As with a Rorschach blot, no two viewers will create the same story. The meaning of the artwork is; therefore, also different from viewer to viewer. Each story is equally valid.

'In the end, this is what artist are, in our most basic form, We are all story tellers.'"

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