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The Deva - Leira Cruz Caliz

The Deva - Leira Cruz Caliz


8" x 10"


The Deva

Richard Gartee


Fairy winds give flight

and a petite creature

with peacock-colored dragonfly wings

ascends on thermal currents

to its aerie on distant mountaintop

where morning frost sugars its nest

in air so thin the sun has no filter

and ultraviolet rays can pink bare flesh

with a moments exposure.


Below, calving ice

cracks like thunder

and avalanches white darkness

over the lower meadows

causing tiny bluebells to

wear snowflake hats and shiver.


The world turns one degree

and fingers of sunlight 

extend across the valley floor.

Frozen crystals become puddles

mirroring the fuchsia sunrise

and Teton peaks.


A fawn noses aside a clump of snow

to nibble the spring grasses

flattened by the unexpected 

slide of the powdery blanket.


The doe stands nearby

eying the vale

alert for shadowy movement

sniffing the cool air for predators 


Above the timberline

the deva leans out 

surveys the scene below

and slides from her nest

gliding on diaphanous wings 

descends in lazy circles


Landing amidst a patch of baby’s breath

she inclines against a willowy stem.

Startled, the doe gives a soft call

bringing the fawn to her side.


The sun blooms full

making the field luminous.

A hummingbird arrives 

and the deva flits away. 


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