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Tree Faces - Bill Paine

Tree Faces - Bill Paine

Photography - metal print

12" x 12"


by Jenifer Dearinger

I lay on my back gazing through the portal above.
Dark leaves twisted through tangled vines. The dome above warped the rays of sun. 
Or –
Sunshine engulfed the panes of glass. Birds nested in the tree branches and sang songs of tranquility. 

I lay on my stomach staring down the hole below.
The light distorted as if I were looking through a ship’s periscope. Black water prevented me from seeing into the depths. Decayed leaves dusted the ocean floor.
Or –
Just on the other side of the windowed floor swathed in a blanket of kelp floated an angelic starfish.

I stood at the entrance looking through the tunnel ahead.
A deep, dark void stretched between me and the light. 
Or –
The pinprick of light surrounded by vines of lush leaves and flowers beckoned me to new beginnings.

Perspective in art is created with line, illusion, and shadow. The artist has used line, illusion, and a lack of shadows to deliberately set a stage where the viewer must decide where he is in relation to the work of art. Simple shapes make repeating patterns in series of threes. Psychologically, odd numbers create interest through disharmony. The brain is constantly trying to create symmetry and odd numbers oppose that concept.

Each person brings their own history, outlook, and imagination to the study of the piece of art. A person’s emotional reaction to art is always from his/her point of view.


I guess it all depends on your 

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