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Twin Blooms - Halea Jo Downing

Twin Blooms - Halea Jo Downing

Mixed Media

23" x 19" x 1"


"Twin Blooms and Chaos Blooming were both created from my need to not create more waste with my art. I was working on a couple of acrylic paintings and wiping my brushed on paper towels, and when I was done I noticed that the paper towels themselves were beautiful. I felt bad about having gone through half a roll of paper towels and resolved to use them in another project. In an effort to not create any more waste, I thrifted a couple of canvases and used them as inspiration. Beneath Twin Blooms was a print of a tropical bird, and beneath Chaos Blooming was a painting of white gardenias, and I used the subjects of the thrifted canvases and the colors of the used paper towels as inspiration for the finished pieces.

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