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Solitude- Walter Jakubowski

Solitude- Walter Jakubowski

Photography- Archival Inkjet Print
27" x 34" x 1"


Having always been fascinated with life’s mysteries that often lie outside of our culture’s established norms, I find that abstraction departs from the prosaic to challenge our perceptions of our everyday world. My passion is to create images that to me are compelling, both emotionally and visually, endeavoring to provide a portal for transmuting the temporal to the empyreal.  I am an explorer in a landscape barren of familiarity to sojourn through my own mindful metaphors. The images are found captures of paint; cracked, flaked or otherwise deteriorating on rusting metal. The textures are inherent and the colors and tonality are the result of my initial and subsequent response to the subject matter. This is the “canvas” upon which I create my images.

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