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We Are All Just A Little Bit Plastic Now - Skip Snow

We Are All Just A Little Bit Plastic Now - Skip Snow

Monoprint cyanotype photograms of found objects.

Twenty - 11” x 14” paper prints  (500 for all, $25 per print)


Made from plastic debris and other materials found in the Deering Estate marine waters, mangroves, and on the streets and sidewalks of neighboring Village of Palmetto Bay, Miami-Dade County, Florida.


Waste is a design flaw, and this piece bears witness to the astonishing abundance and diversity of plastic waste brought about by linear (non-circular) human intent. It is a story of failure to think about the end in the beginning. Framing these things in the human image, these deliberately designed once useful objects, acknowledges the human intent required to make them.  The “ghost like shadows” the “x-ray” or “latent image” effect of the photogram process suggests something of the discarded plastic object remains in the human system. This remnant is informed by the growing body of science that questions the impact plastics may be having on human health, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

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