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Wear A Mask! - Ana M. Robles-Rhoads

Wear A Mask! - Ana M. Robles-Rhoads

Charcoal and chalk

24" x 32" (light plexiglass-framed)


In the 60’s, Mildred Thompson had to leave mainland USA due to discrimination… Feeling “out of place” she had to find herself in a foreign country…

On 1987, I made a clear decision to remain in Gainesville, Florida as a single mother while leaving my dear Puerto Rico behind. I challenged myself to make it and “survive” in mainland, USA.


I have spent most of my years in Gainesville with my family, being employed with different agencies catering to coordinating social services. But I missed being an Artist. Having to put the Artist in me, on hold for what appeared as forever, I am glad to say that now that I am retired, I can actually dedicate time to Art…Right?


And then COVID-19 invaded our days and nights, minutes, seconds and it made us lonesome and desperate. It came to the point that I seriously considered relocating again…to find myself somewhere else.


Added to the fear of COVID-19, was the fear of being of a “different color” and getting the looks and sensing that hatred was taking over our Nation. For the first time, I felt out of place.


And then I learned that along with people of my cultural background, Native Americans and African Americans are getting sick with COVID-19 at alarming rates.


So, I am finding my place in mainland USA by raising awareness of the plights of people of color and COVID-19…


Besides loving each other like we do, we need to protect ourselves by breaking the links to illness and forming links of Love, even if we cannot see each other; we still can feel each other.


So, this is what I try to represent in “Wear A Mask!” The beautiful embrace of our bronze cultures urging us to simply wear a mask for our own survival. And not to lose sight of our Light; our main purpose.

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