Who Cooks for You? #2 in a series - Linda Krause

Who Cooks for You? #2 in a series - Linda Krause


Silk, cotton, non-woven fabrics, batting, and thread. Paints and dyes. Free motion machine quilting, ice dying, applique, inspirational photography, drawing, hand painting.

26 3/4” x 23 1/2” x 1”


"When I was younger special moments sometimes passed by without much recognition. At some point I discovered birding and that led to a discovery of photography which eventually resulted in two career changes finally landing me in this gallery. One of those special moments happened the day I found the star of this piece.

As a new birder I felt incredible every time I got to have a close personal connection with a wild bird. One morning, I tiptoed outside at dawn and found a Barred Owl perched in a tree in my front yard. I knew next to nothing about the bulky old fashioned camera in my hands and less about the creature staring down at me. I was amazed that he remained there perfectly still while I fumbled for an eternity with the manual settings on my 35 mm camera to capture his likeness. The experience with that bird has stayed with me through the years as I’ve brought him or her into my work again and again.