You'll Fit Right In - Kim Hurt

You'll Fit Right In - Kim Hurt


Photograph on metal



You'll Fit Right In


When I create an image the theme or character comes to me first, but with this image it was the location that was the spark for the narrative. I noticed the lush vine covered wall of a building downtown and admired it, but after a very rough drought it became shriveled and twisted. I loved this texture even more and felt it whispered a story of hardship and survival. I knew I had to photograph it.

With the image of a woman turned backward, her dress melting into the wall her fingers and hair growing into the vines I wanted to explore what parts of ourselves we give away in return for acceptance into a larger whole. Whether it be a relationship, a religion, or a cause, if we dedicate a part of ourselves to something greater than ourselves do we gain or lose? Is the woman drawing life from the vines or the reverse?

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