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Happy Holidays!

I am beaming. Why? Over 90 people showed up for the GFAA Holiday Social. Karen LeMonnier, Alfred Phillips, Marilyn Gray and others transformed the GFAA Gallery into quite an Event Venue. To the whole GFAA Board and all of the Volunteers (the list is so long that if I start mentioning them here, you will fall asleep) who helped make this a sensational evening...I THANK ALL OF YOU! We gave out the awards for the Members Show and out of 10 awards there were 4 new members, a married couple (separate awards), and 5 were men and 5 were women. Pretty good mix! We also sold 4 pieces of art during the party. I love when we support each other! I hope while you are unwrapping your gifts, you are also thinking about the pieces you will be entering in the Trinity Show and what you are going to do for the Whimsy theme. After this amazing turnout and all the wonderful work, I am expecting some really great Whimsy! Happy Holidays to all!

Image credit: Michael Frommer, "Just Another Day Down By the 'Ol Lagoon": April & Scott Schroeder Award of Excellence in the Member's Holiday Showcase Exhibit, December 13, 2016-January 7, 2017

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