Gainesville Fine Arts Association Wish List:

We have created this list for those of you looking to help us with our mission in a more specific way. Any amount that you donate - large or small -  is helpful. As a non-profit we run on the generosity of our donors, and we appreciate you so very much.


If you would like to help us out with one or more of these items, please contact Katy at


$3,500 - Gallery wall Construction

Our walls need updating! Our plan for new walls will accommodate more hanging space and create a more modern gallery.


$3,000 - Flat File 

A cabinet for artwork that has drawers so that we can have a place where artists can sell unframed works, prints and photographs in the gallery. This item can be donated if you have one!


$2,000 - Donor Recognition Wall

Our donors are what keep our organization going. We have a beautiful design planned in order to recognize each person who helps support us. 


$2,000 - Mural on outside of building 

Sponsor the new mural that will go on the outside of our building. This amount would go to pay the selected artist to complete the mural & for materials. If we get more money, we can pay the artist(s) more! 


$1,000 - Sponsor an exhibition in the Front Gallery.

Help us bring new and exciting programming into our front gallery. 


$1,000 - Bike Rack for front patio.

Support cyclists! 


$600 -  Patio Furniture

Buy us some patio furniture for more covid-safe connecting opportunities. This item can be donated if you have some!

$600 - Conference Room Table 

Our conference room is now also a gift shop, but we are in need of a smaller table to hold meetings in there as well.

$450 - Internet & Electric Bill

Pay for our utility bill for one month. Lights! Internet! Action! 


$350 - Sponsor a scholarship for an artist

This is an amazing gift - to help an artist with the fees associated with getting exposure for their work. Each scholarship includes a year membership and a year of exhibition fees. Check out our scholarship opportunities here.


$50 - Sponsor a GFAA Membership for an artist 

Will go into our Angel Fund for artists in financial need.


$50 - Paint 

Buy us some wall paint. For painting the walls! 


$30 - Sponsor an exhibition entry fee for an artist

Will go into our Angel Fund for artists in financial need.


$15 - Sponsor an online exhibition fee for an artist 

Will go into our Angel Fund for artists in financial need.

The Gainesville Fine Arts Association, Inc. (GFAA) has fostered and encouraged the study of the visual arts through every medium since 1923.

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Interested in getting involved? 

Interested in Volunteering?

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