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Into The Mist - Patti Barker

Into The Mist - Patti Barker

Nuno Felt, Silks, Wool

20" x 34" x 14"


To My Sister, Mary

Deborah Holt


The grief is still raw from your sudden leave taking from us and the lonely silence is broken only by wrenching sobs.

I struggle to remember what we talked about in our final conversation and I try to still hear your sweet voice.

I read over the many texts we exchanged: how our children and grandchildren are doing; books we are reading; recipes; and things we remember from childhood we are writing about to heal our souls.

I searched for our old email communications and found more than a hundred that chronicle our life events over the years and kept us connected.

But it’s the cards and letters from you that I saved and found in a box in my closet that are the most dear to me. Your whole-hearted expressions in written words that are infused with the “you” shining through. To know that your hands touched each one, and that our shared DNA is still embedded in the paper, the sealed envelope and even the stamp, helps me feel that enduring connection to you.

I feel your love and your essence in those inked symbols—words written from your heart and hand—that journeyed over many miles to reach my own hands and heart.

There’s a comfort in feeling that you are still here in some way by what you left behind.

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