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Phase 2

We had a wonderful Photography and Digital Art opening Friday night and we could not have done it without Michelle, Karen L, Sue, Tina, Gerald and Susan, Roxanne, Diana, Joyce, Melanie, Maya, Stewart, Adrienne, Lisa, Helen, Charlie, and Rye. As it’s been said, “It takes a Village”…of Volunteers. The People’s Choice Award was a great success. Over 100 people voted on the winning piece. Interesting how many people came up to me and said they now understand what it is like to be a judge! Our next Exhibit is Abstract. For those of you who have never been an abstract painter this is a great opportunity to stretch your skills and talents. No realism allowed! I remember when the board and I first started talking about having a building and what it would mean. My message then was.."when this happens, we are in business and that is a whole different world then what the GFAA is used to.” They got the message and we have been meeting our goals with everyone’s help! We have had great exhibits, supportive judges, and terrific turn outs at Opening Receptions. Now we are ready for Phase 2. Starting in September the GFAA will be marketing our gallery and outside venues in print, radio, TV, and social media. Our goal is simply to make the GFAA and the GFAA Gallery a household name and to SELL YOUR ART! So stay tuned. Keep your eyes and ears open, we will be everywhere!

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