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Wonderful Works of Art (and Artists!)


We will be celebrating a year in the Gallery. As we always do, we will have a Holiday Party. This year we will provide an Italian dinner on December 18 starting at 5pm. The Ultimate Christmas Show, which starts at 2pm at the Hipp, has been discounted for GFAA members, so you can go to the show and then come to us for dinner and celebration! Contact Karen for reservations for both the show and the party. Have you been in the Gallery to see Colorists in Counterpoint? Ande Lister, Miriam Novack and Alfred Phillips have taken our GFAA Gallery to a new level. Rounding out our year of workshops is the Annie Pais Sketchbook workshop. Annie will be showing all levels the benefits of sketchbooking. There is still time to sign up! This weekend the GFAA Gathering of the Artists hosted 25 artists at the Women’s Club on Newberry Road Saturday and Sunday. This is the first year that the GFAA is involved and we are proud to be part of such a quality show. Here’s a few things I need you to take action on: *We need your information to be sent to Haley Clement regarding our Gallery membership book. *Are you and a member of your family GFAA members? If you are, I need you for the GFAA SweetBerries Family Exhibit. Contact me (Karen) at I am excited about wrapping up this year with a Members Show. Looking forward to having the Gallery filled with many wonderful works of art.

Image credit: Recreations #34 by Miriam Novack

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