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Our 94th Year!

Welcome to 2017, our 94th year. For so many years there were things that we just couldn’t do. Now we have ended our first year at the GFAA Gallery and we feel there is probably nothing we can't do! Every Month the Board and I meet to plan, discuss and initiate our next workshop, general meeting, themed exhibit, outside venue show, etc. We are always planning ahead. Here is a peek at the coming months so you can plan ahead, as well: GFAA GALLERY Whimsy: Intake: Jan 22, Show: Jan 24–Feb 18, Artwalk: January 27 Mid-Century Modern: Intake: Feb 19, Show: Feb 21–March 25, Artwalk: Feb 24 Living Creatures: May Trashformations: June Human Image: July By the way, if you have any questions about the Theme, email This year, we have added some exciting collaborations, as well as other outside Guest Exhibits. Please put these on your calendar: EXTRA GALLERY EXHIBITS Friends of Elementary Arts Silent Auction: Feb 3 Cuban Art Show: Feb 14–Feb 18 UF Senior Ceramics: April 7–April 14 Colored Pencil Society of America: April 21–May 18 Here’s another suggestion or two...if your art is in an exhibit, come to the Opening Reception and bring your friends. If you do not have art in an exhibit, come to the Opening Reception and bring your friends. If we all support each other, great things will happen. Don’t forget we will be giving cash awards for all winners. PLAN AHEAD FOR 2017 and you wont miss a thing.

Image credit: Judge's Recognition: Susan Nash, "Emerging" (detail). Members' Showcase Exhibit: December 13–January 7

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