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As we all probably do at the end of the year, I am looking back at all that has transpired. One thing that stands out- we have gone from “no home” to “no place like home”. Now when I am introduced as the President of the GFAA, most people say “ah, yes” instead of “what”? I am thankful for that! More than anything I am thankful for all of the people who have helped bring this Art Association to where we are today. I asked my board members to make a list of all of the members who in any way contributed, just this year…. And they determined that over 80 members have in some way been part of this successful year. I always hear that it is so hard to get people to volunteer…well, we proved that wrong! To all the members who have been part of the themed shows, you have kept our Gallery full of color and life, and we thank you! We wish that every one of you could have sold some of your art, but you know that is the part that isn’t easy. This past Sunday you showed up with 125 pieces and the best Members' Show of the year! What a way to end 2016. We continue to assess the choices we make for our members' shows, because we want the opportunities to be challenging and rewarding. Starting with our first theme in 2017: Whimsy, we will be giving not just ribbons but financial awards for all winners. So if you win a Merit Award, you will get $30. Nice! It pays the entry fee.

Image credit: Candace McCaffery, "Tropic Curves"

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