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Going to take a break from my usual message to make some important announcements this week:

I want to welcome the 2017 GFAA Executive Board and Board Members:

Chris Tatum: Co-Vice President, Outside Venues and Hospitality

Rob Pettie: Co-Vice President, Marketing and PR

Sue Kelman: Secretary and Historian

Frank Curtis: Treasurer

Alfred Phillips: Gallery Director Tina Corbett: Graphic Design Director Tracy McDurman: Membership and Outside Venue Director Michelle Nagri: Gallery Manager and Grant Writer Marilyn Gray: Workshop Co-Director and Nominating Committee Chair Celia Burger: Workshop Co-Director and General Meeting Coordinator Patrice Boyes: Special Projects Director

*Pick up for the Mixed Media and Collage Exhibit is this Sunday. The GFAA Gallery will then host three of our members: Alfred Phillips, Miriam Novack, and Ande Lister, with their exhibit Colorists in Counterpoint, starting November 22nd with the Art Walk Opening Reception December 2nd.

*We will be having our Holiday Social on Sunday, December 18th (see flyer to follow). Hopefully, the whole board will be able to attend, so you will get to meet them, eat some great food, and find out what plans we have for next year. *ATTENTION ALL GFAA FAMILY MEMBERS: We are putting together a GFAA Family Exhibit at SweetBerries to run from January-March. If you and a family member are GFAA members, please contact me at if you are interested or want more information. *Congrats to Regina Roper for her Halifax Art Festival win!

*Gallery closed: November 24 and December 24 through January 2

*Have you seen our GFAA Boutique? Stop by and check it out for wonderful holiday gifts. And don’t forget: WE SELL ART!


Image credit: "Calligraphy Confusion" by Marilyn Gray, Gouache/Mixed Media

Mixed Media and Collage Exhibit: October 25–November 19

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