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Important Member Meeting This Week

This is a very important week. First of all we voted on Tuesday. So when you read this, that will be over and we will have a new President. On Thursday, you can vote again. Not for a new President (you are stuck with the old one you voted for), but for Vice Presidents (2) and Treasurer. Your Tuesday vote has an impact on the country for 4 years, Thursday's vote impacts your art world for a year. Now isn’t that important too! Couple that with getting to meet the students who received the very first GFAA Scholarship at the U of FL School of Arts, Thursday night will be an exciting night.

Here is a short blurb about those on the ballot:


Frank Curtis graduated from the Florida School of the Arts, UF with a BFA and was a Master's candidate at USF. He is an amateur musician, playing with the Gainesville Community Band since 1990 and served on that Board for two years. He spent most of his working in life in various small businesses involving retail sales. This will be his third year as a member of GFAA. He runs the Figure Drawing class that meets in the GFAA Gallery Wednesday evening from 7-10pm. He is famous for his assemblage pieces in old suitcases, which he has exhibited in Florida and the southeast. Frank is the Artwalk Gainesville Coordinator. He has devoted himself to updating the monthly flyer and promoting Gainesville's Events.


Chris has been on the Board for a couple of years. He was brought on the Board because he showed interest and offered to help on many occasions. He has been self employed since he was in his twenties. He is a talented wood worker with items from bowls to vases to furniture. He is looking forward to meeting more people.


"I spent my youth in the historic city of Savannah, GA appreciating the living history all around me. I spent most of my free time exploring the marshes and woods in that area. This exposure gave me my appreciation for my two favorite subjects; places and plants. My greatest goal with each photo is to evoke an emotion, a memory, or a desire to 'go there.' I have always enjoyed photography and a few years ago many of my friends and family encouraged me to start displaying my works. That eventually led me to participating in local art festivals. Which, in turn, led me to GFAA. I have enjoyed the various monthly exhibits and stretching my creative wings. I look forward to being more involved with GFAA and promoting the many incredibly talented artists we have right here in Alachua County. I have lived in Gainesville since 1987 and share our home with two little four-legged children with my wife of over 20 years, Christina. I work for The InterMed Group and volunteer throughout the community at various events. I am also a two-time cancer survivor and am currently over 26 years cancer-free! I love the Gators and exploring all that this wonderful planet has to offer."

Along with the additions to the Executive Board, we will need a Hospitality Chairperson. Karen Lemmonier has done a great job not only managing all of our receptions, but giving me a clear and concise breakdown of what takes place in order to have the table ready for the Opening Receptions. Michelle Nagri has provided me with a step-by-step list of getting the Gallery ready. So now all I need is YOU! This is a fun position!

See you Thursday night 6:30!

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