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Many Thanks

Every now and then you meet exceptional people. Haley Clement is one of them. She is a UF student who volunteered for The GFAA Fine Arts Fair last year. Because of that experience, she showed up at the Gallery and asked to be a volunteer. And Haley is not an artist. She just wants to be part of the GFAA Gallery. She not only works a shift, but she has come to me with some wonderful ideas. Here is one we are going to implement with Haley overseeing. I think you will like it! The GFAA really wants to highlight you as individual artists and exhibit our gratitude for your continued support of this incredible association. Volunteer Haley Clement will be collecting information sent by each of you and compiling the documents in a single book that will be on display at the gallery for visitors to read. During opening reception, the pages of featured artists will be moved to the front of the book to help give visitors easy access to their backgrounds. We believe that giving visitors and fellow members this chance to learn more about you will greatly benefit the association as a collective unit. Haley has agreed to take on this project, as she is adamant about helping showcase each of your talents in more ways than just the gallery exhibitions. Please send the following information in an email to Haley Clement at Include some background on yourself (who you are, how you got into art, why you got into art, what do you look to for inspiration, etc.) Attach a photo of yourself (Haley can take one for you if you would prefer)

  • Discuss yourself as an artist (your style, what colors you prefer to work with, what materials you use, what themes you focus on, your own artistic mission statement if you have one, etc.)

  • Attach photos of a max. of 3 pieces that best exhibit your style and explain the content and stylistic choices behind them

To maintain consistency, try to limit your information. Haley will rework the formats to ensure they are all standardized, so there is no need to worry about that. We hope to have this book ready by the new year and will continue to add to it as new members join the GFAA family.

This is a great opportunity to add a significant part to our GFAA Gallery: YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving! PS: The Gallery reopens on Friday. Shop art for the holidays!

Image credit: "keep trying #2" (detail), Ande Lister, Mixed Media

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