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Visions and Goals

Last year, at this time, we were planning to move into the building. We had visions and goals, but no idea how everything would unfold. We were excited, and admittedly, a bit scared. Now we are about to go into our second year. As I think about all that has happened over the past year, I feel like the bulk of the membership may not even understand the magnitude of what has taken place…so here goes: *As of this weekend, we will have had 10 members exhibits *We will have hung over 1000 members’ artwork *We have given out over $3000 in awards and over 75 ribbons *Along with that, we had 2 community exhibits, 1 special members exhibit *The gallery has hosted 4 workshops, 2 member socials, 7 General Meetings *We had 2 UF students share their art experience with us because of our scholarship Here are some things to come in 2017: *Membership cards *Vendor discounts *And most importantly…we will be awarding checks to all winners of the Gallery Exhibits. So if you win a Merit or a Judges award, starting in January, you will get $30, which covers your entrance fees. Finally, don’t forget: Sunday, December 11, the final Members Show with NO theme. Then, Sunday, December 18th our Holiday Party. This year we will provide an Italian dinner. Contact Karen LeMonnier for reservations for the dinner party.

Image credit: Stately Live Oaks by Alfred Phillips

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