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Art appraiser at tonight's meeting!

Tonight we have a unique opportunity to hear how art is appraised. I am willing to bet many of you have some art pieces that you are curious about the value. I did, so I had Anna appraise my Highwaymen art. She is an expert at appraising and will share with you how you might do your own research, as well. The GFAA Gallery is not just a wonderful spot for meetings, art exhibits, and workshops, we also have OPEN STUDIO, an opportunity for you to do your creative gift along with others. Think about being surrounded by art and working with artists who are actually creating around you! Check out the WANTED to see who to contact for more information. We have several additions to the GFAA family. Since the Doris has closed, the Figure Drawing Group will be meeting at the Gallery, starting in September, on Wednesday nights. Another opportunity to hone your figure drawing skills. As of this week the Gathering of the Artists, which takes place the first weekend in December, will be the GFAA Gathering of the Artists. More to come on this addition!

I am getting ready for the Abstract Exhibit. This is the first time I actually can’t make up my mind..since most of what I do is abstract. I have lined them up and am giving them the stare down. Maybe I will need to resort to eeny-meeny-miny-mo…

And finally, sadly, our Arts Community has lost a star. Our condolences to Jim Carpenter’s partner, James Hulbert and family. Jim passed away this week.

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