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I finally decided which two pieces to put in the Oak Hammock Show. With the deadline September 9th, I wanted to be sure that I made the right decision. What I love about this show is that the Judge comes to the reception and discusses why he/she picked the pieces they picked. It is a chance to learn even more about how those decisions are made. After the presentation, and with the judge’s assessments, I go back and look at the winners’ pieces…just another way for me to grow. Have you sent your work in yet? Don’t miss this opportunity? Any questions about the Oak Hammock Show, contact: I was thinking about the Collage Workshop, which I will be taking, and how interesting it will be to see what additional techniques I can learn. When I first started to paint, I saw a “how to” collage piece on YouTube, and since then I have been a big fan of collage. In fact, the one and only ribbon I won came on a piece where I used that technique. You never know! If you get a chance, go to the Hippodrome Art Gallery: four GFAA artists are showing their work, reflecting the play Stage Kiss. Check out the play while you are there. September brings us Oak Hammock, Collage Workshop, Abstract Exhibit, preparation for Out of the Box theme, and much more! And, don’t forget to contact Alfred: to be part of the October General Meeting Critique. The GFAA is busy busy!

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