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Raise your hand if you who have never been in a GFAA workshop, a general meeting, an exhibit, an open studio, or even made a visit to the GFAA Gallery. Ok, too many to count. Since we have over 300 members, I know there are a number of you. We didn't take your $50 to not have you benefit, to not have you get involved. We want you to experience what this Association waited 93 years to be and to get. We want you to be part of this, so that you can talk about it when we get to what’s NEXT, because there will be a NEXT. NEXT year we will have one year as a Gallery under our belt. With a lot of lessons learned, NEXT year is already looking exciting. Want a peek? We have the Friends of Elementary Arts included with our theme Whimsy; The Gainesville Modern group with a theme that will coincide with their Mid-century Modern Weekend; and The Colored Pencil Society will be having their main state show in the Gallery. Are you working on your mixed-media collage piece, or thinking about signing up for the Colored Pencil Workshop with an incredible artist and teacher, Anda Chance? Maybe you thought about joining the Open Studio or coming to a General Meeting. We have all of these opportunities for you. Don’t let your membership just be an application. So NEXT time I ask these questions, I don’t want to see as many hands go up, I just want to see you here!

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