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Open Studio in November

When Sally Larson came to me, before we opened the Gallery, with the idea of her having an Open Studio for our members, I was excited. I was familiar with the concept and believed that it would be an additional way of bringing members together. Unfortunately, we have not drawn a consistent good-sized group…and I wondered why? Maybe we didn’t make it clear as to what it was. So, I asked Sally to write why she believes in Open Studio: “My friends in San Jose, California paint together at a community center every Friday morning. When I visit San Jose, I always join them. It’s always great to be greeted with smiles and questions about how long I’ll be able to meet with them. There are between 20 and 25 artists who gather and work on individual pieces and enjoy being with other artists. No judgments there; only support and encouragement. So far, very few of our GFAA family have participated. Perhaps because Wednesday afternoon didn’t work for them or maybe they aren’t sure what it’s all about. Beginning in November, Tuesday afternoon will host Open Studio from 2:15-4:45 at our gallery. Bring something you usually work on or take the opportunity to ‘mess about’ with, something you have been wanting to try. Either way, you will enjoy the company of our great GFAA artists.” The idea is bigger than just doing your art. It is about camaraderie, support, friendship, comfortable feedback, and more. Not only do you have people to share with, but you have art around you to motivate you. IT CAN’T GET BETTER THAN THAT. The next Open Studio is Tuesday, November 1. It starts at 2:15 and goes to 5PM. Do you draw, knit, paint, make jewelry? I am challenging all of you who have thought about it, to show up. I’ll be there, and I hope to see you!

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